Women's Empowerment Symposium 2019

Save the Date; Our next Annual Women's Empowerment Symposium is on the calendar. It is time to hold that adult conversation and sip champagne with our sisters.  Pastor Karen's "A Natural Woman" will inspire you to find your inner strength, love yourself and ask those questions we were told not to ask. Our panel of speakers will empower you to release your past, people and broken promises to find The Natural Woman in you.   This conversation will show you how to set your face like a flint and command all forces that have distracted you, abused you, lied to you, hindered you, stole from you and held you down to back up. 


Join in on our fellowship of other Women Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Trail Blazers, Vision Casters, and Water Walkers. Come out and join in on the conservation and champagne.  Pre-registration to our Empowerment Symposium is 20.00/person (lunch included).  Late registration/at the door is $22.00/person.


Remember; what happens in the Women's Empowerment Symposium stays in the Women's Empowerment Symposium.

Previous years Empowerment Symposium

"I Survived" Women's Empowerment Symposium

   Women of Empowerment Line up, 2017

 "I Survived" is a celebration of endurance from the suffering and shame of illnesses, disappointments, violence, divorce, cancer, addiction, death, depression, abuse, disorders and the like. For many of us, some thought we were dead until our Lord said, "Talitha Cumi!"

It is now time for us to rise up and live the abundant life God promised to us. Our survivors, lecturers, vendors and guest speakers will empower our women to look beyond their hurt and move forward to gain their independence and self esteem through motivational dialogue, song, dance and interactive group therapy.

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