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The Affordable  website design studio

                                        for  nonprofit organizations,                                           small businesses and churches. 

PK Design Studio

Telephone number: 561 574 1499

 creates innovative yet affordable websites to fit every industry.   We can create your website in as little as 8 hours.  No job is too big or small for our design studio.



Consistency on one hand requires a web design to provide a user with a familiar feeling as to how the site works and functions based on his previous web browsing experiences. Internal consistency on the other hand requires all pages in a website to have a consistent visual appeal and consistent functional experience thereby promoting ease of use and zero confusion.


A company logo or a product logo is just the tip of the iceberg. Other facets of a well-designed website include quality imagery, relevant and up to date content, ease of use, consistent colors,  relatable emotions and character, consistency, and a memorable user experience.​



The rising trend of mobile internet use on a global scale has already exceeded the number of desktop internet users. Being able to cater to both markets however, gives a website a distinct advantage. provides websites that are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices without the need for separate mobile versions.

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