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That is right; Ira Blue is my name.  I am the little blue girl personality of  Pastor Karen.  Blue was my mother’s favorite color, while Ira was her middle name.   Mama Flowers is in heaven with the angels; she had breast cancer. Tall for my age, I am seven years old entrepreneur with an over-active imagination. 


My books are written to help other kids like me live a life without limitations.  People say “special needs,” but  I say we are unique because that is how God made us. I like science, math, and running.  However, most of all, I love writing books.


 So make sure you read all of them.  
I promise to take you on an adventure full of fun, fun, and more fun.


Please make sure you purchase my all-natural hair,  body butter, lotions, hair re-growth formula, lip gloss, and lip balm products through our Esty account, at a Farmer's Market in Broward/Palm Beach or directly from my webpage. 



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